Novel optical nanocomposite sensors for analysis of micro and macro elements in corn plants

SENS4CORN is targeted to strengthen intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration in optical composite nanomaterials for optical chemical sensors. The main project goal is a development of novel optical nanocomposite sensors for analysis of micro and macro elements in corn plants. We will investigate Schiff bases (SB) and Metal-organic frameworks (MOF), optical composites ZnO-SB and ZnOMOF with advanced optical and sensitive properties towards anions and cations, present in corn micro and macro elements. The sensitive composites will be integrated into microfluidic system, combined with fiber optic detection system. The system will be used to validation of real corn samples.

The sensing system will reduce time and cost of the measurements by standard chromatography methods. The sensing system has a good potential of commercialisation in agriculture sector as a new rapid service for corn growth analysis for small and medium farm companies. The project is interdisciplinary, as it involves material science, chemistry, surface science, optical, analytical chemistry, nanotechnology,and agriculture.

The project will create a new service for improvement of agriculture production, thus improving industrial and health potential of EU citizens. During the project, research and management training will be provided to technicians, experienced and early stage researchers to strengthen their personal skills, improve their track record and expertise via new scientific papers and conference presentations, as well as strengthen development of EU research human resources. Long-lasting collaboration between partners, based on co-supervising students and preparation of novel collaborative project proposals is foreseen. Dissemination of the project results will make an impact on agriculture sector and EU research potential in the fields of material science and nanotechnology.

Project coordinator: University of Latvia (UL)

Project partners:

Torun University (NCU)

National Research Council (CNR)

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU)

Ukravit Science Park (USP)

MB SensoGrafa (SeGa)

NanoWave (NAW)